Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 13, 2007

MMC – The Lost Tribes – NCCG (2)



Some of the Lost Tribes were a bit amused by the first little treats offered by Great Uncle MMC. His gifts of Job Plans, Appraisals and Careers Counselling for all seemed rather bizarre. Up till then they were doing well without any of these things. To some this would have been a burdon rather than a pleasure. Generally the Lost Tribes work for pleasure. When he offered to measure their Competencies, they really began to worry about him. They were sure he was becoming senile. Some of the more hardened members of the Lost Tribe told him to get lost. Others, whose souls were blessed with empathy, humoured him.

But Great Uncle MMC was neither stupid nor senile. A small error of judgement only. He would have to come in at another angle.

The next treat made some of the Lost Tribes sit up.

Great Uncle MMC was offering funding so they could participate in formal CPD. No more of this reading at home in their own time, subscribing to journals or surfing the internet for knowledge. No more need to use the “sentinel patient” technique to identify gaps in their knowledge and quickly fill them for the benefit of that patient and those who came after. They would now be funded to go to national and international meetings in NHS time. Furthermore, they would no longer have to pay for them out their own pocket.

Now he’s talking.

Tell us more.

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