Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 19, 2007

A new responsibility for the lost tribes


Here is another question which was asked in a consultation exercise in England on the document “CHOICE AND OPPORTUNITY” relating to the reconfiguration of the Non-Consultant Career Grades (Associated Specialists, Staff Grades, Trust Posts, Clinical Assistants).

“Recommendation 3: A system of limited accreditation of competencies is required through which NCCGs with formally recognised skills can work independently at the appropriate level”

“281 respondents commented on this recommendation with the following results:
144 strongly agreed
100 agreed
30 agreed with reservations
6 disagreed
1 strongly disagreed

Key messages
Overall agreement for this recommendation but it was felt that the following
issues could be a consequence:
• there was concern that further consideration was needed about whether
those working independently would be able to accept referrals directly from
other practitioners, control their own lists within their recognised area of
clinical independence and what their role would be as part of the consultant
• There needs to be in-depth discussion about what working independently
means, what supervision and support would be available and what training
would be given to those responsible for taking decisions about who is
suitable to work independently.”

This question is facile.

What is limited accreditation?
What skills?
How will the skills be formally recognised?
What does working independently at an appropriate level mean?

In medicine, within the NHS, the only independent medical practitioners are GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and CONSULTANTS.

Why did the 274 “Yes People” vote without understanding the question?
Why did the 274 “Yes People” vote in favour of a potential and profound change in medical accountability?

Where are the tens of thousands of medical practitioners in the country who could also have given their formal response to this open question?

Do these 274 “Yes people” now enable the DOH to say that there was a formal open consultation, resulting in an overwhelming majority in agreement that the current concept of the “Independent Practitioner” in medicine should be changed?

This is all tightly wrapped up with MMC.

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