Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 5, 2007

The elections – shades of MTAS



You could be forgiven for thinking witches were having some fun during this weeks elections.

You would be right of course.

“Yellow bottle” spells were everywhere.

“Yellow Bottle” spells, like “Blue Bottle” spells are witches having fun. Yellow bottle spells, though, have more of a “kick” to them. They are intended to cause a bit of havoc so that lessons are well and truly learned. Yellow bottle spells are a kind of enforced “Continued Professional Development.” They are useful spells with a dual function – they amuse witches while at the same time keep humans on the right track.


After the MTAS fiasco, the witching community felt the time was right for some education. When better than during an election! Then everyone would see the spell at work!

The main learning outcomes of this enforced CPD exercise was decided by The Witch Hunt Committee. They were:

1. “Competency testing has its limitations”
2. “Computers should serve but never enslave”
3. “Don’t change just for the sake of it.”
4. “Don’t confuse progress with activity”

So, some time ago, a posse of witches flew round the committee rooms and did what had to be done. They sprinkled the yellow bottle spells everywhere!

And how it worked!!

The conclusions:

It is all right to use a single sheet of paper with a name, a party and a box in each row.

It is all right to mark with a single cross. No more.

It is all right to use a pencil attached with string to a polling booth.

It is all right to have a night long party of human vote counters with witches watching over them.

Elections should not be used test the competency of the voters.

Elections should not be used to test the competency of computer systems!

Although not perfect, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old system.

And who wants a perfect voting system anyway?

It can’t be done.

Some old habits should not die hard – they should not be allowed to die at all.

A nation bonds when some things never change!

Yes indeed, shades of MTAS.

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