Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 9, 2007

Is medicine still discriminating against females?



It is likely that female doctors who have no family commitments are as “successful” in medicine as their male counterparts in similar circumstances. If this was shown it would indicate that if females were discriminated against in the past, it is no longer the case.

Of course, it is acknowledged that some women with children manage to charge through a medical career full-time, without a break, and quickly reach the very pinnacle of their profession. However, medical workforce planning should make no assumptions that it is possible to increase the numbers of women following this path. These women are exceptional, they may have exceptional circumstances or they may have completely sacrificed what most people would consider to be a “normal” life.

It may well be that female doctors with family commitments are as “unsuccessful” in medicine as their male couterparts with comparable family commitments. It is very unlikely this study has been done. This is a pity because it would bury the concept for once and for all that the present system discriminates against female doctors.

If this can be buried then, rather than tackling wrongly perceived discrimination, the problem becomes one of facilitation of all doctors who have to take a career break or are unable to work full time. The fact that most of these doctors are female is to do with their circumstances, not their sex.

Female discrimination certainly seems to be buried at the onset of a medical career.

Medical school intake is approaching 70% females.

Are we now discriminating against males entering medical school?

If so, why?

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