Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 9, 2007

Improving doctors’ working lives



Why are you excited, My Black Cat?

You’ve discovered that the 360 Degree Thing can improve doctors’ working lives!

Has it been proven beyond all doubt?

Has it?

You say Poole Hospital has won a prize for showing this?


“Following the early introduction of consultant appraisal in 1999, the trust became increasingly aware of the challenge of providing feedback on doctors’ performance across the range of criteria indicated in the GMC Guidelines for Good Medical Practice. The trust introduced 360 degree feedback during 2002/03 for all its consultants with an 85% voluntary uptake. Using external consultancy support and with the active participation of the HR directorate, the medical director and medical staffing committee, a questionnaire was developed, piloted, evaluated, modified and implemented. The 360 degree approach was made available to all consultants, staff grades and associate specialists.”

“The post implementation evaluation demonstrated that 66% of the consultant sample said they planned to do things differently as a result of the feedback and 48% reported that they had inserted actions resulting from their feedback into their medical appraisal personal development plan. 33% of the healthcare professionals’ respondent group reported that they had noticed changes in the consultants’ approach which they attributed directly to their feedback.”

“The judges were impressed by the outcome bearing in mind the size of the investment, £20,000, the systematic approach and the fact that the use of 360 degree feedback is unusual in this context. The trust had succeeded in engaging its medical workforce in this approach. The software developed to support the approach is available at a cost of £4,500 and the three-yearly cost per head is £200 per administration.”

Is it being said the consultants, associate specialists and staff grades have all had there lives improved because of this?

Is that what they are saying?

Have the findings been published and peer reviewed?

Is anyone named regarding this exercise, My Black Cat?

There is a picture of two people in the “Award Winner” document.

Who are they?

Susie Gatrell and Harvey Bennett.

You better find out who they are, My Black Cat. They may have published a sentinal paper on the importance of the 360 Degree Thing for doctors.

We need more information.

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