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360 Degree case study – Poole



Poole Hospital NHS Trust used a Cycling Project Fund grant to help fund a fob entry system for the new parking area in order to monitor usage. They also had an incentive scheme where they offered staff £150 to give up a parking permit in the first year and £75 in the following years.

It demonstrated that the hospital needed new lockers and a clothes drying area. (presumably for the soaked cyclers among the staff).

Why is The Witch Doctor telling you this?

Because it shows that Poole Hospital is innovative. Most other hospitals do not pay staff to give up their parking permits. Instead they charge them £400 – £500 a year for the privilege of parking. Most other hospitals don’t care a monkey if their staff get soaking wet!


Anyway, Poole Hospital, being innovative, may have been the first to offer this:

“Assessment and Psychometrics – A case study – Clinical Leadership – 360-degree feedback developmental support at Poole Hospital NHS Trust”

“How Poole Hospital NHS Trust introduced 360-degree feedback support for the appraisal and development of consultants, associate specialists and staff grade doctors.

Name of organisation: Poole Hospital NHS Trust

Reasons for the initiative:

This programme, pioneered by Poole Hospital NHS Trust, is aimed at providing consultants with a tool (360-degree feedback) to collect structured evidence from other healthcare professionals on their current performance, and to help them diagnose their individual development needs in a confidential and supportive environment.

The process:

Supported by external partners (King’s House and 360 is Us Ltd), the medical directorate piloted a survey questionnaire based on the GMC’s guidelines for good medical practice, the basis for the medical appraisal scheme introduced April 2001. Following refinements based on the pilot surveys with the directorate, 360-degree feedback was then offered on a voluntary basis to all consultants, resulting in a high take up.

Structured feedback was provided in report format, with one-to-one confidential facilitation support to identify personal development plans.


Benefits to staff:

* doctors have a tailored, diagnostic tool for personal development with practical help in developing plans
* doctors have tangible evidence for their revalidation
* staff have responded very favourably to using this tool for giving constructive feedback in a safe environment

Benefits to patients:

* the trust has been proactive in meeting its clinical governance responsibilities
* development actions based on individual feedback to doctors on performance and behaviours will lead to better patient care.

Improvements to team working (highlighted in the evaluation) should lead to improved care. ‘The higher the levels of staff team working, training, development and appraisals, the lower the patient mortality’ – Carol Borrill, commenting on the report ‘Organisation, Management and Effectiveness in NHS Trusts’ (Borrill C. & West J).

Other hospitals are about to start the same process in the next few months. A detailed article was published in the BAMM journal ‘Clinicians in Management’ in 2005.


The impact of this initiative was evaluated with a 50 per cent sample of the doctors who were surveyed, and a 20 per cent sample of staff who had given feedback. The evaluation was positive, and almost all doctors stated that they have included their reports in their portfolios of evidence for revalidation. The approach could be used anywhere in the NHS.”

So, there are two studies to whet your appetite, My Black Cat. See if you can fish them out. See if the study design and the conclusions are valid. See whether they simply worked because Poole Hospital is innovative and has particularly good relationships with its staff.

That will test you!

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