Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 17, 2007

White coats forbidden



The BBC has just reported that in the name of infection control, the government have suggested? indicated? dictated? that doctors will no longer wear white coats.

Imagine that!

Apparently it is because long sleeves do not enable proper hand washing.

Presumably it is not possible to make white coats with short or 3/4 length sleeves.

Is this clutching at Infection Control straws in the face of high bed occupancy, high movement of patients and staff, inadequate environmental cleanliness and maintenance, and lack of engagement of staff in hand hygeine?

An excuse?

In any case, doctors don’t wear white coats much nowadays because of lack of hospital laundering facilities.

No. The Witch Doctor thinks if this is the case, it is the beginning of a communal “uniform.”

Like the communal escalator in “The Secret NHS.”

The levelling, the blurring of roles in a competency based NHS.

A government killing two birds with one stone.

Go and hunt out the original DOH document about forbidding white coats, will you, My Black Cat?

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