Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 19, 2007

FROM THE NHS PANTRY – Clutterbuck Associates



The Witch Doctor is quite overcome by the number of consultancies employed by the Department of Health / NHS.

The Witch Doctor is flabbergasted by the strange things they are being asked to do.

The Witch Doctor thought the NHS was to do with diagnosing, treating and supporting ill patients and advising the healthy how to keep healthy.

Not so.

The NHS now seems to be a kind of employment agency for psychologists and HR consultants.

The Witch Doctor wonders why.

The Witch Doctor hopes that everything that is being done is truly evidence based, and has had a full cost benefit analysis directly related to patient care.

MTAS failed miserably in this regard.

The NHS PANTRY under MY Black Cat will eventually contain a log of all these “NHS Partners” that seem to be important ingredients for the new “NHS Plan.”

The Witch Doctor would like to think a costing could sit beside each consultancy in the NHS Pantry. This will be difficult.

Here is one of the many partners The Witch Doctor has come across.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement since 2006 has been working in partnership with Clutterbuck Associates to coach Chief Executives or Chairmen on a one-to-one basis.

” Reasons for using executive coaching are diverse. Our focus in selecting coaches has been deliberately work and performance-focused, as opposed to general ‘life coaching’, though acknowledging the two areas will often collide. Our coaches are interested in working with senior individuals in the NHS to enable them to maximise the deployment of their own skills and talents, as well as those of their teams.”


You can see a shot video on coaching here:


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