Posted by: Witch Doctor | September 23, 2007

Citizens’ Juries



Ah, you’re telling me you’ve found a bit of research on Citizens’ Juries, My Black Cat!

An Irish study?


Good. Have you read it yet?

Just the bit about “Incentives” for jurors.

Well, what does it say?

“The invitation letters sent to those drawn as the random sample described the event and set out the incentives offered to invitees who chose to participate.”

“Jurors were told that, while the deliberations of the jury would take place away from any publicity, the results of the deliberation would be widely publicized in the media. Thus one incentive can be seen as being offered the chance to have some input, however small, into decision-making on this.”

A bit of flattery. A suggestion that each member of the jury is more important than they actually are? Is that is what is being said, My Black Cat?

“The moderator of the overall event was announced as Olivia O’Leary, a household name in Ireland and a very widely known and respected current affairs journalist with no track record of having taken a position on the issue for deliberation. The intention in picking a high-profile moderator was to signal to jurors that this was significant event.”

Ah… give it credibility. Make the jurors feel they are participating in an important event. Make it feel “safe” for jurors.

What about money?

What about bribes?

Does it say anything about that?

“Jurors were offered €100 to cover “out of pocket costs” and the “trouble they took in taking part in the day’s events”

Anything else?

“They were also promised a ticket for a prize draw at the end of the event. The prize, guaranteed to be won by one of the jurors, was a €2500 credit for a holiday booked through an internationally famous travel agent.”

What about wining and dining?

“Jurors were also offered free hotel parking, lunch in the middle of the day, and a “nice dinner” in the hotel at the end of it all, during which the prize draw for jurors would be held. This dinner was also intended as an informal setting for the research team to debrief jurors.”

So there were no bribes then. Just incentives.

That’s good then.

What’s the difference, My Black Cat?

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