Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 13, 2007

Tooke Report – Reassure The Witch!



Do you remember what we wrote in May, My Black Cat?

Remember how we thought the government was being sleekit rather than stupid?


That’s one of the reasons why the Tooke Report needs to consider women doctors!!!

The Witch Doctor needs to know whether MTAS/MMC was an occult creation. Was MMC intended to force the majority of women along one path and the majority of men along another.

There are serious problems associated with employing 70-80% females in medicine.

These problems cannot be ignored.

But MTAS/MMC was not the way to deal with it.

The Witch Doctor needs to know that both men and women are being fairly treated.

Fairly treated with transparency.

That is one of the reasons why The Witch Doctor is here.

There are others……

The Witch Doctor needs to report back to the Oldest Sage Witch.

Very, very soon.

This is what we said then, My Black Cat………



Why was the MTAS/MMC system conceived the way it was?

Was it conceived to take advantage of conception itself!

The letter in yesterday’s Times from a group of senior doctors raises many important points. I have highlighted two of these and taken them further.

It mentions “flexibility in training programmes” However, the main need for flexibility in training programmes is a 70% female workforce. (The 70% figure is quoted by Sir Liam Donaldson, so he is well aware of this and the need for flexibility).

Generally, most women who are considering pregnancy, are pregnant, or already have a young family, need to stay put or follow their partners. It is a fact of life. They are restricted and immobile. That is why many women doctors like to have a broad based qualification such as MRCP or GP training behind them before they become pregnant. It leaves options open so they can follow their partners and find some part-time work anywhere in the country when children are young, possibly picking up full time careers later.

“MMC enforces premature choices by doctors only two years out of medical school, and expects candidates to sign over five critical years of their career without being told the detailed specification or location of the training and mentorship they will receive.”

The centralized MTAS/MMC system is not female friendly. Women with domestic ties simply cannot pack their bags, and set up home in an unknown part of the country, in an unknown specialty, in an unknown hospital, with an unknown on-call commitment. At face value, the demographics have been ignored. Or have they?

Was the application process carefully designed to select mobile (predominantly male) doctors to train as “proper” consultants? Was there really ever going to be a cull of UK doctors? Was the aim, rather, to divert UK women doctors into General Practice, local sub-consultant grades or “Alternative Consultant” posts. “New-Age Consultants” designed to be either part-time or with a very narrow range of expertise, offered in the hope this might be attractive to many women because they would be trained specialists with a new kind of consultant status? Perhaps cheaper to employ then the “well-rounded” predominantly male, real consultants. Similar to the “Nurse Consultant” perhaps?

This is the obvious outcome of the way MTAS/MMC is constructed. If these demographic consequences were not considered, then it demonstrates incompetence. If they were considered, yet ignored, this also demonstrates incompetence. If MTAS/MMC was designed in this way and for this purpose, and not openly discussed and agreed with all parties concerned then it is a conspiracy.

Incompetence or conspiracy – which?

Furthermore is this occult sexual discrimination?

Is it legal?

If these demographic consequences were considered, discussed openly and agreed by all parties, then where is the documentation of this?

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  1. My son is male, prize on graduation, 1st in integrated BSc, yet no interviews in round one!

    I can sympathise with what you say though; it is such a mess, I don’t think anyone can really understand why MMC was thought in the first place so, in the midst of all this confusion, anything and everything is very possible! 🙂

    Black cats are always wise though. I tend to always see their wisdom a little … late

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sam.

    Your son’s situation just illustrates what a muddle MTAS/MMC has turned out to be. I hope all will work out well for him in the end.

    The junior medics are the ones who started moving mountains and they will be the ones, in time, to be held in high regard. What they have challenged is probably much more complex than they ever imagined, and I think we have still to see some of the ramifications.

    It is so important these young doctors try to remain calm and confident about their futures in spite of what they have been through. I am certain that things will work out well in the end for them. Absolutely certain. But it may take some time and more effort before everything is sorted out.

  3. 🙂 Thank you for your kind sentiment witch doctor. My son was suited with an academic post, which is what he always wanted, in round 2 but far away from home, still very “lucky” because the whole thing was a lottery rather than appreciation of ability and talent.

    Of course, there are many young doctors still threatened with career termination and unemployment out there and I don’t think the profession will ever allow itself to sleep-walk into such traps again! They made a big mistake and woke up the giant!

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