Posted by: Witch Doctor | October 18, 2007

Excellence is as good as competency plus niceness!



Counting women again with The Abacus, My Black Cat?

This time there’s none.

No woman, no women, no female, no females.

Just search for “work-life balance,” My Black Cat. You’ll find the women doctors hiding there.


Almost every document incorporates the term “work-life balance.” It’s a “Blue Bottle Spell” of course. The cheeky witch that cast that one, is neck and neck with me for the coveted prize. “Work-life balance” is considered much more politically correct that the six lettered words you’ve been searching for. Its spreading like wildfire across the continents. I think I’ll be pushed now to win with my “talent” spell. Never mind, I have more winning spells up my sleeve.

Anyway, what document are you reading, My Black Cat?

Ah, we’ve not finished with the October 2007 position paper from NHS Employers, yet.


“The impact of the implementation of the Working Time Directive needs to be considered further. Everyone acknowledges that many tasks undertaken by doctors in training can be safely and efficiently carried out by other members of the healthcare team. Additional medical posts alone are not the solution to this issue. However, there will be a requirement for extra numbers in some specialties. More innovative teaching will also be needed to ensure that doctors are able to develop the level of competence and capability required to work independently within a shorter timescale.”

Is that what the“Tooke Report” said, My black cat?


Is there not a mention of Dr Grumble’s peculiar notion?


They think there’s no point in striving for excellence when competence will do just fine.

Patients don’t know the difference………

Especially if the doctor is very nice when they are being competent rather than excellent.

Niceness is the one parameter, however that does require excellence.

Every doctor must be excellently nice.

And have passed the 360 Degree Thing for “niceness” with flying colours!

Isn’t that so, My Black Cat?

Dear me, The Witch Doctor is rambling again.

Instead of reading this boring document.

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