Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 4, 2007

Alan Johnson’s white coat ban…..


What do you think, My Black Cat?

The Witch Doctor is donning an alternative to The White Coat and to The Broomstick.

Do you think Alan Johnson was wise to ban white coats after all?

He has opened up a new fashion culture.

A new business for entrepreneurs.

Imagine if every hospital embraced uniforms like this. All staff in the land could wear a different colour according to their place on the NHS Practitioner Skills Escalator. Level 1 staff could wear red, Level 2 orange, Level 3 yellow, Level 4 green, Level 5 blue, Level 6 indigo, Level 7 violet.

This would be a godsend to the aging population of baby boomers as they become patients at a time of dimming eyesight.

Except for those smitten by colour blindness.

They wouldn’t have to put on their reading glasses and peer at a health-care worker’s chest to find the little badge that tells them what kind of professional is looking after them.

There could be television adverts every night to inform the public of the new national health care workers uniform.

The NHS could sponsor the new Saga “Pensioners’ Face-book” to inform all the bespectacled baby boomers how to identify their caregivers.


A veritable rainbow of staff throughout the country.

All colour coded.

Haute couture.

Hospitals would become vibrant places as the staff donned their spectrum of meaningful, infection control friendly uniforms.

For the benefit of the patients in their care.

He’s a wise old codger after all, our Alan Johnson…

He probably needs reading glasses.

That’s what’s brought about his “Ban White Coat” announcement.

And the ties had to go too.

Of course.

They would look ridiculous with this fashionable new gear.

Eh, My Black Cat?


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