Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 17, 2007

Citizen’s Jury – OLR – Publication



You found the missing document, My Black Cat?

And you want to test me?

You want to ask me an important question?

“Thinking about your last visit to a GP, how easy was it to make an appointment at a time that suited you?”

Hmm. Can’t answer that.

Why not?

Last time I visited my GP I didn’t need an appointment.

Did you phone?

No. Just wandered down, sat at the end of the queue on a hard bench in the waiting room, read a paper, and went in when the bell rang.

Without an appointment?

No appointment.

When was that?


You’ve not been ill since 1951?

Well, I feel pretty crap most of the time, My Black Cat.

Not crap enough to sit on a hard bench waiting for a bell.



You didn’t like the GP’s hard bench?

I didn’t say that, My Black Cat.

I think hard benches are a necessity for GP surgeries.

A deterrent.

Hard benches with spikes on them.

People should be damned uncomfortable while waiting to see their GP.


It separates crapness from illnes.

It separates the clients from the patients.

Who asked this question, My Black Cat?

It was asked at the Citizen’s Jury in Birmingham.

18 September 2007 nationwide consultative event, key findings

It’s a document produced by Opinion Leader.

Do you not mean Opinion Leader Research?


I wonder why the “research” bit of their name is missing.

They won’t be wanting the voters to think they might have been part of an experiment. Will they, My Black Cat?

On the last page, it says the title of the file is “New Proposal Template” and the author of the paper is GBrown.

G Brown.

Sounds familiar.

Funny that.


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  1. The diagram on page 11 (which one is most important) From a patient’s point of view, How can ‘the most effective treatment and drugs @45%’ be obtained without ‘having enough time with medical staff @3% or being treated with dignity and respect @ also 3% ?!’

    If I was one of those replying to the questionnaire, I would not have able to answer as I find that they are all neccessary for ‘effective treatment IMO; they can’t be seperated in the way this questionnaire did! 🙂

  2. Hello Sam,

    Agreed! I found this document facile and rather depressing.

    If you do a wordsearch for the words “diagnose” and “diagnosis,” neither appear at all. In fact this is a word that is being overlooked everywhere.

    Notice too, it was 45% of the staff that thought “most effective treatment and drugs” was most important. Only 25% of public/patient group responded in this way.

    If a patient dosn’t go to a GP for a diagnosis, effective treatment and drugs if necessary, what is the purpose of the visit? Does this mean 75% of the public go for something other than this – lines/letters, MOTs, or a chat?

  3. Hi witch doctor.

    I too have not seen my GP for ages so, if I ever need to go, it means I am stuck and need ‘treatment’; diagnosis and medication.

    I am sure we all meet questionnaires that, sometimes, are not streamlined enough or follow logic. You then get stuck and probably ask the staff to help or fill them up anyway regardless of the degree of comprehension and/or accuracy so that you can finish and leave. Given that the sample was also very small for the purpose of this poll …. well!

    All the best,

    Sam 🙂

  4. […] 1. Here was the original post and the “broken” link. […]

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