Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 14, 2007

Tragic news about ‘Dr John Crippen’?


There is a comment on the NHS Blog Doctor Website advising that the doctor who wrote under the pseudonym of “John Crippen” passed away in a road traffic accident in mid October.

This account is sensitively written by a “Dr P”, who says he is a senior partner at “John’s” practice.

It may be a hoax.

It looks genuine.

Assuming this tragic news is true, “John’s” death will be a huge loss. I did not know “John Crippen” but wish I had. In his writing, I saw a man who had great compassion for patients, a deep sense of justice, and who was doing all he could in his own inimitable style to draw attention to what he saw as the progressive destruction of the NHS. In this respect, he has achieved a great deal. He challenged NHS staff, patients and politicians to think. Those of us who only knew him as “Dr Crippen” will surely remember him as the first of the UK’s great medical bloggers.

If the news is true, my sympathy to his family, friends, colleagues and his patients.

14/12/2007 1.30pm

The Devil’s Kitchen seems to have made contact with Dr Crippen.

It appears the posting is a hoax.


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