Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 8, 2008

Tooke Report – Health and education are commodities



The Witch Doctor searched for the word “commodity” in the Final Tooke Report. – No hits.

Then for the word “commodities” – 1 Hit.


Here is the extract:

The bold italics are mine.

“In formulating the necessary corrective action the Panel believes that a presumption of an aspiration to excellence is crucially important if the health and wealth of our society is to be maximised in coming decades. Both health and higher education are now global commodities. It can no longer be assumed that the enviable position that postgraduate medical education (and related biomedical research) historically enjoyed in the UK will be sustained unless such issues are addressed.”

Tooke has said it.


Like it or not, the concept of Health and Education as global commodities needs to be grasped by the medical profession because it will lead to some understanding of the background to the overall changes in the NHS plan.

These are difficult times for the medical profession in the UK.

These are more difficult times for patients.

It is good that Tooke has said it, because it may now bring it into the open.

Where it needs to be.

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  1. in what sense is it a commodity ?
    unless in the sense of a “generic healthcare worker” eg a nurse , trying to do the job of a doctor .

    i think that , fortunately for doctors , that tick box medicine does not work , and a nurse is not a doctor , if for no other reason that most nurses are dyslexic , maybe well intentioned , maybe not , but nonetheless , not too bright . so until the nhs ( or any other healthcare system ) is “FOOL proof” , health , will NOT be a commodity .

    however , as it does give some indication of the mindset of the government , who are now seen to have disclosed their hand , and be hostile towards doctors , why therefore , would any right thinking doctor , co- operate with these proposals.

    i think we should respect and admire the approach that dentists have taken .
    maybe people respect what they pay for .
    it is a capitalistic society after all .

    if doctors cant use their intelligence to see what is going on and where things are going then maybe they deserve what they get , and they get what they are prepared to accept .

    atleast i feel i can see what is going on , but not going to take a bullet to protect doctors who wont even stand up for themselves , out of some misguided sense of what is right .
    first duty is to yourself , and charity begins at home .
    this profession has been , apparently , disbanded.
    where is the leadership ?
    are doctors really this cowed?

    “NHS , screwing doctors since 1948”.
    take a leaf out of the USA’s book .
    fighting spirit?
    petitions never changed anything.
    everyone should perhaps take a year out to travel around italy or something .

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