Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 18, 2008

Microsoft and the NHS



Apparently the NHS is microsoft’s single largest customer.

Presumably, then, Microsoft is an NHS partner.

This is how Bill Crounse, MD, Microsoft’s worldwide health director sees the NHS developing:

“In my keynote address, I pointed out that the most innovative and progressive uses of information technology in American healthcare tend to be found in organizations that function as both providers and payers of care such as Kaiser, Group Health Cooperative, or UPMC. In such organizations, there’s an incentive to provision care in the most medically appropriate, expedient and cost effective manner with a focus on prevention. This means if a member’s need for information or medical services can be addressed just as safely and effectively with an instant message, e-mail, phone call, tele-consultation, or e-visit as could be accomplished by means of a face-to-face traditional office visit, that’s exactly what will be done. No waiting for an appointment, taking time off work, driving somewhere, waiting in an exam room, etc. just for a simple bit of information or reassurance from your doctor. Typically, these organizations are also leading the way in making electronic medical record systems securely accessible to patients who are interested in maintaining a personal health record. They are also doing some of the best work in preventive health services, home monitoring, and chronic disease management.”



“Essentially, the NHS is a system that looks very much like a Group Health, Kaiser or UPMC, only very much larger.”

“I believe the NHS is not only locked and loaded for the next 60 years, but it is in excellent position to lead the world by example in the application and use of information technology to improve the health of all citizens.”

And the more tele-medicine is used, the more profit for this NHS partner, My Black Cat.


Tele-medicine can have a huge input into healthcare, but in the wrong hands can also be very dangerous.

It needs to be used at the right time, in the right circumstances, by the right people.

Do you suppose the doctors better get their head round telemedecine soon or the multinationals may be the ones that are dictating how to diagnose and manage patients?

Yes. Doctors need to lead the telemedicine revolution before others do.

Because one way or another, the revolution will come.

It’s a pity about our iPhone and MacBook.

Does that make us “The Enemy,” My Black Cat?

Wonder if Steve Jobs has any plans for the NHS?

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