Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 20, 2008

Where are the feet tumours?



The Witch Doctor was aware shoe shop X-ray machines were “A Bad Thing,” but didn’t really give it much thought.

They disappeared a long time ago.



The Witch Doctor has just read this.

“When my children were young, 20 seconds under the shoe-shop X-ray machine when fitting footwear was the equivalent exposure to now having 1,000 to 1,400 hip X-rays.”

1000+ hip X-rays to a young child. Year on year?

That’s a bit scary.

Is it true?



Wonder what Dr Ray would make of this?

The moral is this: Anything that is administered to large chunks of a healthy population needs to be very, very safe.

The Witch Doctor is bamboozled about huge amount of prescribed and over the counter medications that are being consumed by individual patients nowadays.

The moral is this: Anything that is administered to large chunks of a population as a preventative or to treat minor conditions must either be very very safe or be subjected to rigorous unbiased risk/benefit analysis.

The Witch Doctor takes no medicines.


Nothing at all.

My Black Cat takes no medicines.


Nothing at all.

Maybe The Witch Doctor and My Black Cat are killing themselves by taking nothing at all?

What do you think, My Black Cat.

Should we take a trip to the pharmacy and see what we can find.



As well as OTC medications, pharmacists will soon be able to prescribe a selection of nice pills of many colours for us without us even having to visit the doctor.

Soon we won’t even need to bother about a diagnosis.

That will save us time and hassle.

We’ll keep away from shoe shops though.

We can’t trust shoe shops.

They used to be dangerous.

Have you heard about an epidemic of feet tumours, My Black Cat?

No. Neither have I.

I wonder if Dr Ray knows about clusters of feet tumours appearing after all these years?

Maybe shoe shops were not so dangerous after all then.

We hope the safety of pharmacies can stand the test of time.

With their pharmacists who may soon prescribe for patients.

Expert patients who self diagnose and tell the pharmacist what to prescribe.

Patient choice.

You don’t think it’ll work like that, My Black Cat?

You think the pharmacists consider themselves better diagnosticians than patients….

Even the patients who are doctors.



Ah. The protocol.

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  1. Because my mother was a doctor and my father a gynaecologist, I was X-rayed in utero. I have seen the films which my mother kept. And I can remember having my feet X-rayed when buying new shoes in the 50s. A doctor I know had radiotherapy to his legs for eczema.

    I remember when we did radioactivity at school. Two teachers came out with a big lead box containing the radioactive samples. The samples were held one by one in front of a geiger counter with the teacher holding them with long tongs and lead gloves. There were three. The first sample made a few clicks not much more than background. The second sample made a few more. And the third still more. It was obvious from the way the teacher was dealing with this stuff that it was very dangerous. Then the teacher asked to borrow a luminous watch. A boy at the front volunteered his and the teacher held it in front of the geiger counter. It responded with a torrent of clicks much much greater than anything from the sample materials. It never made sense to me that these watches were considered safe. The girls that painted the dials were definitely at risk

    I can’t help you with the radiation dose in the shoe shop. I would think that the technology was very crude and the dose could easily have been substantial.


    Above are details on the radiation doses. One poor shoe model had to have her leg amputated.

  3. The Witch Doctor being many millenniums old, can remember X-ray machines in shoe shops too, but funnily enough can’t recollect much fuss when they were quietly removed. Dr Scholl, at least, seems to have survived the era. Wonder what would happen nowadays…

    Interestingly, now that you mention it, I can remember I once knew about the factory girls licking their brushes and the dreadful consequences, but had forgotten all about it.

    Just as an aside, this is an example, of why I find the focus on skills, competency based learning and protocols, as a be all and end all, so wrong. How many times in the course of a day even, are the deeper recesses of the brain stirred up and the forgotten things become remembered things again. I suspect much of what we call “experience” resides in the “forgotten” part of the brain. So we need to learn as much as we can about everything.

    That’s what we witches say, anyway!

    Mark you, learners are learners are learners. I suppose any type of education won’t constrain a true learner.

    The Witch Doctor is rambling again!

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