Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 23, 2008

Random snippets (1) from MMC – Ribeiro



Just as he was about to leave the room Mr Bernard Ribeiro, our “Red Apple Spell’ award winner was asked:

“Could you share that letter with us?”


Ribeiro offered even more:

“I’ve got a dossier here for you…..”



They were not too keen on the dossier.

But he’ll make sure they get it nevertheless.

And they’ll read it.

I’m damned sure they’ll read every single word.

Won’t they, My Black Cat?

Then he said:

“We do have solutions, we do want these solutions looked into and, we will continue to interact with the department”

A simple, powerful statement.

And then he went on his way.

Bernard Ribeiro had done his homework.

A true leader is emerging.

And How!

All the UK Witch Doctor Community is behind him.

And their Black Cats.

And The Book of Spells.

And the medical establishment is uniting.

What a powerful group this will be!

The government will listen to the solutions.


They need answers.

They don’t have any.

They are out of their depth.

It probably had to reach this stage before there would be a listening.

The time is now ripe.

Isn’t it, My Black Cat?

applecore.jpg a commodity ……………………

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  1. You beat me to posting about Ribeiro Witch doctor! … Witches get there first as usual. Of course, I’ve always wanted to be a witch! Alas, it seems I don’t have that ‘je ne sais pas quoi’ in me 😦

    I too thought Ribeiro was the most prepared and gave the most relevant and to the point answers. ‘they’ have been reading everything they can find anywhere, including the net … some of the panels comments gave it away IMO 🙂 So, of course they will read his dossier. One bit I admired him for was when they asked for his opinion re The IMGs, he said that despite being an IMG originally from Ghana himself, he believes that IMGs should always return to serve their communities after getting a bit of training here and that this should not impact on British graduates. I tell you what, If I was sitting on this panel, I would call Ribiero the following day and take his advice on what to do with this problem … Of course, they can ask me too … for free .. 😉

  2. Oh, go on, Sam, – do a post on Bernie Ribeiro. The more the merrier!

    My Black Cat and I are giving him another airing during The Witching Hour!

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