Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 14, 2008

A special spell…..


Here I am!

redheart.jpg not a red apple ……………………

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  1. Darn. You’ve not turned this into Colin Firth Witchy. Could you invest that hard earned NHS Cash to purchasing a new spellbook from Waterstones?

    Rita Pal
    [ minus Colin Firth]

  2. Glory be, My Black Cat!

    The female form of The Humankind has forgotten what it takes to turn a frog into a prince!!

    Does she not know we’ve done our bit?

    Get Waterstone’s to send her The Brothers Grimm, My Black Cat.

    See if that’ll help.

  3. “we’ve done our bit”

    Hardly! What kind of service do we call this then? The Top heavy NHS kind. ” All words and no action” 🙂 Well, if we are really desperate, you could [ if you wish] turn your black cat into Colin Firth. Cant do the kiss kiss thing though – No Way.

    Wrong spellbook Witchy! Thats a Fairy Tale book. There is a difference. Gordon Brown uses one and clever witches use the other. You need to start reading big books now with complicated spells.

    My question is this – can Black Cat turn into Firth and come out of the local pond or are we going to have those excuses about cats not liking water again??

    In any case, there aren’t any frogs out here to kiss. Its England you know – they are all married or gay or working for the Department of Health.


  4. Come on, My Black Cat.

    You’ve let a lady down.

    See if you can track down the buyer of the £12,000 Elizabethian spell book and ask them to photocopy a page or two for you.

    Start practicing now and get it right for next year!

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