Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 15, 2008

Beware of the Health Centres



You think the name “Polyclinic” is about to disappear……


Why do you think that, My Black Cat?

You just do!

Well, being a cat, you don’t need to have a reason, I don’t suppose.

What will the polyclinics be called?

“Health Centres”

But “Health Centres” have been around for nearly 40 years, My Black Cat. “Health Centre” is an old fashioned, familiar term for a group of GP’s working together in one place. It does not convey that there is going to be any change.

“Health Centres” are not new.

“Health Centres” are not innovative.

“Health Centres” are not threatening.

“Health Centres” are not controversial.


Ha, so you think there’s a bit of “Health Centre Spin” going on My Black Cat?

The term will gradually replace “Polyclinic?”

Because it is more acceptable?

And will not cause so much fuss?

Is that what you think, My Black Cat?



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  1. There is so much well-argued criticism of the ill-thought-out polyclinic concept that your Black Cat may have it right that the noble lord will attempt re-branding. It’s a shame he cannot just get the policy right and alter course. Why is an intelligent noble getting this so wrong? Does your Black Cat have the answer?

  2. Hello again, Dr Grumble,

    My Black Cat is very pleased to see you back again. As always, she has views on most matters but they are not necessarily very logical.

    She seems to think that the noble lord cannot change direction because the compass is set and locked and he does not hold the rudder. The noble surgeon’s remit is marketing. That’s all. He needs to make polyclinics, computerisation of medical records, transient part time doctors, competency trained practitioners, palatable to the British public before the next election. That is the job she thinks he took on.

    She thinks there will be some temporary backtracking but there can be no change in direction. She thinks he knows this.

    In addition to the name “Health Centres” replacing polyclinics she thinks there will be less government talk of private companies for a little while, although Virgin may, in the interlude, steal the show by wooing the medical staff with the promise of profit sharing. Virgin are much more experienced in marketing than either the noble lord or the government.

    She could be wrong of course. After all, she’s only a cat!

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