Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 26, 2008

Bernard Ribeiro does not have an iPhone!



Come on, My Black Cat, get yourself along to The Royal College of Surgeons fast and try and convince them that their president, Our Red Apple Spell award winner, needs a super duper new iPhone!

He’s running way behind the Witch Doctor in his gadgetry!

A Blackberry indeed!

Poor man!

Anyway, it does not impede a leader!

Does it, My Black Cat!

Read this!



He’s referring to The Tooke Report, of course.

” While welcoming all the recommendations, the secretary of state then sought to qualify them and to identify sections that would form the basis of further work. Thus, half of the 47 recommendations were agreed, or agreed in principle. What does this legalistic acceptance mean? You either agree with something or you don’t. So which of the agreed recommendations will be implemented immediately? Well, clearly not recommendation 16, which asks that:

‘DH should recognise the burgeoning supply of medical graduates it has commissioned and make explicit its plans for the optimal use of their skills for the benefit of patients. It is recommended that sufficient numbers of Core Specialty training posts…should be made available to accommodate doctors successfully completing FY1 [foundation year 1].’

Is this a sign that DH still has little faith in its own ability to plan for the future needs of the NHS? One of the guiding tenets of Modernising Medical Careers was to remove the uncertainty for those trainees who made the grade. Clearly there is some way to go then with something that should have already happened – and what about things that need to happen now, today? Take the foundation years: DH acknowledges that its recommendations require further consideration and a programme of work to be developed, referring to recommendations that deal with the splitting up of the foundation years, incorporating F2 into the first year of specialty training – a proposal that is accepted by the majority of responders, including the Medical Schools Council. Sir John Tooke’s inquiry panel could find no convincing legal opinion that would allow protection for UK medical graduates to achieve full registration with the GMC, other than by splitting the foundation years.

Needless to say the deans and foundation schools have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and it would appear that the secretary of state would prefer to listen to them than to the overwhelming majority of the profession. Sir John has quite rightly identified the issue of core training as fundamental, not only to provide trainees with adequate time to develop the relevant specialty experience but also the skills that will be necessary as the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) reduces training time from 56 to 48 hours.

There is a danger that the single most important health event for the government this year, the Darzi Next Steps Review, will be used by the secretary of state as an obstacle to achieving the objectives of the Tooke review, which continues to have the overwhelming support of the profession.We will continue to put pressure on DH to implement all 47 recommendations as soon as possible, as the trainees it most affects do not have the luxury of time for further discussion and programmes of work to be developed. The time to act is now, before it is too late. Sir John has provided the answers – why is it so difficult to implement change?

He is not a man to mince his words.

The bold italics are mine.

Read the whole piece here.




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  1. At the end of the news letter, he says: ‘the widespread application of outcome measures will be a long and gradual process, but it is one I am determined to ‘initiate’ in the time I have left as your president’

    This is one good man I have a lot of respect for. But this ‘initiate’ bit me try look him up in Wikipedia to see how long he has left but, … NO entry for him!, not even a mention of him being the current president of the RCOS!

    If I new more about him and my language was suitable, I would have done it myself, maybe someone should.

  2. …Sam,

    Graduated 1967

    Appointed President RCS England in July 2005.

    Hmm. Must be getting near retirement…….

    Good to see Fidelio are back!

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