Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 5, 2008

The male speaks – at last!



From time to time The Witch Doctor has been twittering on about an amazing situation that has developed.


Medical schools are admitting 65%, 70% and apparently sometimes 80% of women into medicine.

What is even more astounding is the fact the the male species of The Human Kind is letting it happen.

Why, for pity’s sake?



A few years ago, a female doctor, Dame Carol Black got her fingers burnt after suggesting the predominance of women doctors would weaken the profession.

If that’s what happens to a high flying female doctor who opens her mouth……..

Maybe that scared the males witless and so they wouldn’t mention it.

Until now.

Anyway, things are changing – there is now a male voice in the wilderness.

In this weeks BMJ, Brian McKinstry argues in a “Head to Head” debate.


Workforce implications

“Why does this matter? The main concerns centre on the work patterns of women doctors and also around the development of the profession. Women doctors concentrate in a few specialties regarded as family friendly (for example, primary care4 and psychiatry5) and tend not to take up some specialties such as surgery.4 This unequal distribution means that some specialties feel the implications of part time working and maternity leave, such as lack of continuity of care and resource use disproportionately.

Female doctors are more likely to work part time than their male colleagues.6 Despite many years of feminist discourse society still expects women rather than men to reduce work commitments to look after children and not to return to full time work until the children are older. However, research among general practitioners has shown that many women in their 50s, when their children are relatively independent, continue to work part time, often because of other caring demands.7 8 In addition, more female general practitioners plan to retire before the age of 60 than men, shortening their working life further.7 In psychiatry, one study found that nearly twice as many female consultants (41%) as male planned to finish work on or before their 55th birthday.9 Fewer women than men choose to work out of hours,8 and the increase in women doctors may have partly influenced the recent abdication of out of hours work by general practitioners in the UK. Although some research suggests that younger male doctors are also seeking part time careers,10 there is little evidence that they are actually opting for this lifestyle.”

Time bomb

“We are yet to feel the full effect of the feminisation of primary care in the UK and elsewhere. Above the age of 45 years men, mostly working full time, are still the majority, whereas most general practitioners younger than 45 years are female and mainly working part time.11 As older mainly full time doctors retire, unless employment behaviour changes from past patterns, there will be a major shortfall in primary care provision.”


This is a conversation that is long overdue.

Isn’t it, My Black Cat?

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