Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 29, 2008

Roy Lilley on “Creative Discomfort”



The Witch Doctor remembers the time when Roy Lilley was a darling of the 1990 Thatcher health reforms, and sometimes wondered what had become of him.

He popped up on Friday on Radio 4.

He was one of the people interviewed on “ANALYSIS, WAR ON THE PROFESSIONS”

Presumably he was invited to give “balance’ to the programme which was dominated by “The Professions”

This is what Roy Lilley thinks is happening to “The Professions”

“We’re seeing effectively the de-skilling of the professions, so their power is I think ebbing away.”

“And I think also there’s the general erosion of the professions now within the health service. Much of what doctors used to do is now done by nurses. Much of what nurses used to do is now done by healthcare assistants. We’re seeing effectively the de-skilling of the professions, so their power is I think ebbing away.

“Wherever there are professions, I think they’re under pressure. The technology and de-skilling is undermining them all.”

His views on disciplinary committees for “Professionals”:

“I think that all discipline committees should be composed entirely of lay members”

On putting pressure on “The Professions”:

“You have to put the pressure on the professions. For example, I think the government’s policy to introduce the private sector with independent treatment centres, that was a very good example of creative discomfort because we had the private sector arrive with (in some) a caravan in the car park and they did the cataract operations, and so all the cataract operations were done by a South African company in a caravan in a car park and it was done very well and the caravans were fantastic operating suites”

Mr Roy Lilley is a Freeman of the City of London, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He paints in watercolour, plays the guitar, dances ballroom dances, writes books, will design a Powerpoint presetation for you, gives after dinner speeches and is even A MAGICIAN.

He tries to eat a gluten and wheat free diet.

(The Witch Doctor, at this point, discarding all protocols, has made a differential diagnosis and is well on the way towards a definitive diagnosis)

He is a very creative man.

Is it any wonder, therefore that he thinks discomfort should be creative too?

Perhaps the GP’s are being targeted as an art form.

“GP’s, Polyclinics, Creative Discomfort.”

You say you can feel a Turner Prize coming on using this creative concept, My Black Cat?

Don’t be silly, My Black Cat, “Creative Discomfort” is just a silly old Blue Bottle Spell!

A Blue Bottle Spell that has travelled far but should have been nipped in the bud.

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