Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 8, 2008

Modernising Medical Careers – Third report



” In March 2007, thousands of junior doctors took part in public demonstrations in London and Glasgow. Their protests were followed over the next few weeks by the resignation of several leaders of the medical profession, a legal challenge to the Secretary of State for Health, and a series of emergency statements in parliament. The source of this acrimony was a new recruitment system for selecting junior doctors for training places, the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS). The introduction of MTAS was part of a wider reform programme known as Modernising Medical Careers (MMC).”



  1. Witchy

    I trust you are well. Apologies for my disappearance of late and many thanks for the feature on my Houdini impression :).

    I can be found creating more havoc on . Thought I would give the b**** a run for their money! Would be grateful for a link on your featured sites [ will link to you as we always do]

    Hows is the Emerald Isle? If you read a post called Ghost of You – it details my fascination of Irish men. It may amuse you. In my view, love poetry can only be written about Irish men! I am sure you may well agree.

    Your blog goes from strength to strength. Brilliant work on your part. Suggest Hawaii as the scene for your next broomstick trip. Hope catty is well. I have some Sheba saved incase it visits me!


  2. PS NHS Exposed webmaster has spotted the cyberstalkers prowling on your website and then entering ours. If you have been subjected to abusive behaviour from them – I apologise. This sort of behaviour plus worse has happened to us over the last year – mainly for featuring material about the GMC and David Southall.

    I wondered whether this was the reason for moderation :). This doesn’t need to be posted. Its just for your reference.

  3. hello witch doctor,

    I was very dissappointed by th HSC’s report, not to say that I didn’t expect it,

    Tooke is being brushed under the carpet, MMC continues and competency based fundamentalism continues apace.

    It’s just pathetic how apathetic the BMA are, their comments to the HSC were not nearly voiciferous enough.

  4. Hi, djdeeno 1979 (Ferret, I think),

    I’m sure you’re right. There’s a lot at stake for the government and they will keep right on to the end of the road.

    I’m just wading through this report just now.

    The problem is I can’t detach it from all the other things that are going on in the NHS just now, polyclinics, dumbing down, multi-nationals etc. Too many doctors are seeing all these as separate entities, but they are not separate. They are all part of a theme.

    Above all, everywhere I look I see “hubris” in a government that has served too long. I think this is really what is to blame. It emerged with Blair and Milburn.

    I have a notion that Liam Donaldson was fully aware of the agenda underlying the hubris, but couldn’t do a damn thing about it. I think he was trying to open everyone’s eyes. I could be totally wrong about this. I might change my mind about this after reading the report. One way or another, he’s likely to be the fall guy. But if he goes, it won’t solve the problem – it may even create new ones. What kind of person would want his job right now?

    Senior members of the medical profession accept crazy ideas far too readily. They are still doing it, in spite of MTAS. I see it every day. They say, “yes I know its stupid, but there’s nothing we can do” Even people in strong positions will not say “no – I’m not going along with this. I’m not sitting on your committee and here’s the reason why” Maybe it’s a failing of the “straight A” personality a need to be polite and liked and respected!

    Saying “no” firmly works. I know. I’ve done it -often. But it’s important to get the timing right!

    If anything good comes out of the MTAS saga, maybe it will be that these junior doctors will be far more questioning and forceful that their seniors when they become consultants and GP’s (if there are any then, as we know them).

    I could go on, and on, and on…….

  5. I agree 100%.

    We need to make sure all our colleagues realise that if we say no when appropriate then we can stop this crap.

    MTAS showed us that if we stop bending over then we can make a real difference.

    The DoH pissed its pants when the West Midlands consutlants pulled out.

    It’s about encouraging everyone to believe in themselves that bit more, then things can happen.

    Vive la revolution!

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