Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 12, 2008

Now you see it, now you don’t, now you do!



The Witch Doctor’s computer is a bit like this blog – a dogs breakfast – a mess!

So it was tidying up day yesterday.

And just see what was hiding in the depths of this laptop – a file within a file, within a file, within a file, within lots more files – the vanishing report which followed on from the September “Citizens’ Jury” in September 2007.


1. Here was the original post and the “broken” link.

2. Here is a link to the original document which seemed to vanish from cyberspace.

(Ignore the yellow highlights – that’s just My Bored Black Cat colouring in on a rainy day)

“In July, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and the Secretary of State, Alan Johnson, invited Professor Lord Ara Darzi to lead a next stage review of the NHS. He is due to report in June 2008, in time for the 60th anniversary of the NHS.

On 18th September, strategic health authorities (SHAs) across the country (except NHS London which had conducted its review already) each held a consultative event to feed into the review. The events enabled groups of citizens – patients, public and staff – to consider the major themes of the review and offer their views to help determine the priority issues for resolution. The events were brought together by video conferencing at key points in the day so that the emerging key messages could be shared between the regions, and with the PM and health ministers who had attended the West Midlands event.

This report sets out the key messages from the day.

Lord Darzi has since published his interim report, available at, and phase 2 of the review is now underway. It is envisaged that a second nationwide consultative event will be held in the new year.”

The original document has VANISHED and the catch phrase “Citizens’ Jury” seems to have been BANISHED.

Is that what you’re saying, My Black Cat?


The document has not vanished – it just got moved and then buried deep in another place within the DOH website.

Here it is

See how suspicious you are getting about this government, My Black Cat!

You are being unfair!

And, My Black Cat, when you can be bothered – put this document somewhere in our other blog so it can be found easily again.

No dog’s breakfast there.


But then we haven’t put much in it yet.

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