Posted by: Witch Doctor | May 28, 2008

Hey, Sir Liam, will you read this! Please!



The Witch doctor is passionate about the NHS.

For all its faults.

And there are many……..

My Black Cat and I have been too pre-occupied with MMC/MTAS, polyclinics, Dr Nurses etc to explicitly delve into patient safety. However all of the things we blog about impinge ultimately on this. Way down the line this blog may become more involved on these matters – who knows.

Anyway, there is another blogger who in her own inimitable style, rattles cages regarding patient safety, and some might say she has even sacrificed her career in medicine because of this.


More likely not……

Her name is Dr Rita Pal and she has a presence in several corners of the World Wide Web. For example, you can find her here, and here and here.

Now Sir Liam, The Witch Doctor is aware that you also have an international presence when it comes to patient safety.

Indeed, for all we know, patient safety may be one of the reasons why you persistently say the UK needs more doctors.


Anyway, it struck The Witch Doctor that since Dr Rita Pal is just a stone’s throw away from you in the UK, you don’t need to search the world for support. After all, they say great things are achieved by one enthusiastic man or woman working alone – not by committees.

I don’t think Dr Pal will ever give up on this issue.

My Black Cat tells me that underneath her sassy blogging style is a woman dedicated to this cause.

You may, or may not agree.

You will have heard of her, I know.

Why don’t you take her out to dinner in a posh London Hotel looking over the Thames with the House of Commons lit up in the background.

Then, talk for hours with her.

On patient safety.

On systematic “no fault” errors and blatant neglect within the NHS.

That’s all.

See where it leads.

It may take you to places quite remarkable.

And the benefit to patients may be remarkable too.

And then you can tell the World Health Organisation and the World Alliance for Patient Safety what you achieved.


One night over dinner.

Beside the Thames.


And, Sir Liam, for pity’s sake, don’t forget to take a box of chocolates with you!

This is a woman who would die for the cocoa bean!


We in the witching community are deadly serious over this plan. We hope we will not have to prod you with a spell!

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. Witchdoctor

    Thankyou :). I was told about this very amusing piece early this morning before my cocoa bean fix!

    Few issues

    1. The WHO has an interest in World Patient Safety not UK Patient Safety
    2. Liam Donaldson is interested in World Patient Safety not UK Patient Safety.
    3. Liam Donaldson may not survive the evening due to the unilateral squint ie a unidirectional gaze at what I would term ” An Uplift on the NHS” leading to downturn in patient safety.
    4. I doubt the wonderbra will be enough to sustain his attention.

    Some people like live in a talking shop vacuum and others like to effect change on the floor. While we are at it, can Liam tell us why it is not compulsory to record death rates on wards 🙂

    Can I have dinner with you and the Black Cat instead although the Black Cat may collapse if I pick my pink wonderbra! [ I have other colours!]

    Rita Pal

    PS No dinner invite from Liam at the present time! No dinner invite for Steve Bolsin either.

  2. My Black Cat, Dr Pal is making you blush….

    A Black Cat with skin the colour of roses (or maybe beetroot) underneath!

    The witches with their ears to the ground in the DOH say Sir Liam is blushing too while he deliberates.

    No, you can’t go to dinner in place of the CMO, but I’ll lend you The Broomstick and you can disguise yourself as a fly on the wall if you like.

  3. Can Black Cat and I go to Hawaii where he can investigate my fitness to practise 🙂

    I am back for the W/E on

    Me don’t don’t want to go with stuffy CMO 🙂 [ stampy paws on your stone floor] [ pout]

    Further options
    1. Dr Crippen although he says he won’t survive
    2. Dr Ferret Fancier although he says he might end up marrying me! Then I may end up divorcing him and running off with all his money or all his ferrets!
    3. Dr Ray. On request for cyberdate, he has disappeared off the scene. He refused to focus his spot.

    Option of preference – Black Cat with Tuxedo! [ Witchy should supply Thorntons for torrid 24 hour alliance :)]

    Please No CMO, Anyone but the CMO. His dates turn into skeletons. He rattles rib cages and funny bones!

    Holding black cat’s paw and pleading now 🙂


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