Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 29, 2008

The Visitation, The Lull, Darzi, and…….



Tomorrow night just before the witching hour My Black Cat and I will be spirited away…..

To The Great Parallel Universe…..

This sometimes happens to witches in the weeks before and after the summer solstice.

We knew it was going to happen when The Oldest Sage Witch (who is a liability on her broomstick) crashed into our abode – literally – she crash landed on our green-house during the witching hour and got all tangled up with the tomato plants and basil we grow around them. The greenhouse is now in smithereens. She walked out of the pile of debris then blamed us for growing tomatoes immediately under her broomstick path.

Now we have no tomatoes!

We need young green tomatoes, basil and green-flies for the spell pantry.


Anyway, the reason for her visit, was to tell us she was fed up reading our blog. She snarled at My Black Cat and me. She thinks we are procrastinators. She said we just rambled on and on and didn’t finish anything. We were to have sorted out the plight of demoralised junior doctors, we should have produced a decent map of the Patient Maze Pathway, we were expected to tell the government how to fix the MRSA problem. We haven’t told anyone what became of Dr Sixties Sideburns and Dr Flower Power. And she thinks My Black Cat is still keeping far too secretive about the Gordon Brown Advent Spell.

So we are the wasters, the louts, of the witching community!


We were upset!

We went all silent and huffy!

She thinks if we were The Humankind, we would have been kicked down to the bottom rung of The Skills Escalator long ago!

So, we are to be spirited away…..

At the close the day – the day when the medical world will have been celebrating The Darzi Report…….

We have to be spirited away as a gesture of defiance by the witching community!

” …..The NHS, for so long an international model for a universal, public-owned and public-controlled service, is now the world’s laboratory for privatisation…..

Professor Allyson Pollock”

She seems to think what is happening now in the NHS will turn out historically to be internationally important.

Then she babbled on about polyclinics. (The Oldest Sage Witch, not Professor Pollock!)

She says they are designed with two main purposes in mind:

1. To ration health-care.
2. To attempt to help the economy by generating profit for large nationals and multi-nationals.

She says the rationed NHS will not end, but it will enter The Parallel Universe.

She says someone must gate-crash the future in The Parallel Universe.

So, we have been given an important Witching Assignment, My Black Cat and I.

We must return to report our findings during The Great Halloween Celebrations of 2008!

She, The Oldest Sage Witch, says she will become the caretaker of our blog till then.

She says she will be firm and stern and will not chatter!

She thinks, we have been neglecting our Witch Doctor’s Offering which is supposed to be a library of useful information regarding the NHS during the first decade of the millennium. She says it is very important to keep a record of what is happening in the NHS just now because, in time, historians will look back in wonder at the antics going on in the name of health care. She says there will be comedies and parodies and much laughter among the witching community about how The Humankind allowed politicians to insult, divide, manipulate and control the medical profession who have contributed so much to the health of the nation during the lifetime of the NHS.

No, she will not chatter. Instead she will resolutely get our Witch Doctor’s Offering up to date while we are away doing things of a much higher order.

So she says….

Maybe she’s not so mad after all, My Black Cat!


Go pack your bags and look for the passports, while I sort out The Broomstick’s MOT.


redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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  1. You may wish to have a look at today’s, ‘Where is the body of Aneurin Bevan?’

  2. Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. I have just found it in the Askimet spam bin. I’m afraid I’m not around so much just now so am not checking as often as I should.

    I’ll have a look around the crocwatch site tonight.

    Thanks for commenting.

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