Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 8, 2008

The flags have now unfurled…..

(The Witch Doctor’s Locum till Halloween)


“What we’d really like to see is radical reforms being pushed to a logical conclusion to make sure we’re setting up an NHS market that is embracing and embedding the private sector.

At the minute what is going on is some ad hoc policies being grafted on to the way things are currently working.

What we have been telling the government is to put your foot to the floor and drive this forward. It’s what the public wants”

Neil Bently, CBI Director of Public Health Policy

So, stand up all the voters, who elected Mr Bently to run the country?

Stand up all the voters who want the NHS to be run by multi-national giants?

Yes, it is the CBI that is behind the NHS reforms.

The CBI and a malleable, but in a way, a clever government.

As we witches have known for some time.

It is good, though, that at last the flags have unfurled. The patients (not clients) and the medical profession can at last see clearly.

And now they can decide what to do next.

Patient choice……

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