Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 13, 2008

I want great care – the GMC is floundering

The Oldest Sage Witch, unlike the much younger Witch Doctor, does not keep good health.

Indeed, The Oldest Sage Witch keeps very poor health and is the patient of many doctors.

Many doctors.

If any one of these many doctors at any time gave The Oldest Sage Witch a little card with a web address on it so that she could give feed-back on the service given, The Oldest Sage Witch would tear it up into millions of little pieces in front of the doctor concerned and, using patient choice, find another doctor in that specialty.


You see, The Oldest Sage Witch would not consider such a doctor to have professional standing.

Indeed, The Oldest Sage Witch would consider such a doctor to have some kind of personality deficit.

And the Oldest Sage Witch, most of the time, would turn out to be right!

On these matters, The Oldest Sage Witch, does not agree with the GMC.

The GMC is floundering.

Just read what they produce!

“Why is it that PizzaExpress staff get better feedback on their performance than NHS doctors?

A new service,, allows you to see in real-time how you are meeting the expectations of your patients. Even better, it gives all of us the easiest and quickest and cheapest (it’s free!) way to meet one of the major new demands of revalidation – regular, large-scale feedback from patients. Simply ask your patients to go to the website to record their feedback.

To make it even easier the service provides every UK doctor with free reminder cards to hand to patients. Revalidation will undoubtedly take a lot of time to adjust to – but getting patient feedback has just become one of the easier parts of the process.

See what your patients think – you may get a pleasant surprise”

Pleasant surprise, my foot!

When exactly did the GMC creep into approving the blatant advertising of individual members of the medical profession?

When exactly did the GMC creep into considering the quality of healthcare given by any doctor is as easy to assess as a book arriving through the post from Amazon or a purchase from e-Bay?

When exactly did the GMC creep into thinking making a pizza was much the same as making a diagnosis?

There are people sitting on the GMC who should be ashamed of themselves!

And how!

Get a grip!





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