Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 14, 2008

Dr Bacon, or GMC, Define TRUST!

Patients, relatives and colleagues can now indicate to the whole wide world whether they TRUST any UK doctor or not on the new Lets-Help-with-Revalidation website

Not only that, they can even quantify that TRUST.

Can they?

What does Dr Neil Bacon and, by association, The General Medical Council and its members mean by “TRUST”

Yes. What exactly do they mean?

What do you trust a doctor to do or not to do?

Is your concept of trust the same as mine?

I think not.

Are there any guidelines or protocols for this to help patients decide?

For example would this scoring system be appropriate?

Score 100%
I would trust this doctor with my life, my children’s lives, my spouse, my dog, my car, my bankbook, his/her income-tax returns.
I would trust that doctor to tell me the absolute truth even if I preferred a little white lie.
I would trust this doctor to keep completely up to date in the practice of medicine and be so meticulous in his care of patients that errors would never be made.
I would trust this doctor always to wash his hands between patients.
I would trust this doctor never to steal an envelope or a paperclip from the NHS.
I would trust this doctor always to refuse Pens and Post-its offered from drug companies.

Score 90%
all of the above but the doctor does not have eyes I can trust. My granny always said never trust anyone with one eye blue and one eye brown, or two green eyes, or two hazel eyes etc etc.


Score 10%
This doctor made the wrong diagnosis and lied to me about it. I do not want a pathological liar to care for me.

Score 0%
This doctor makes me feel very inscure and in my opinion is totally untrustworthy. I would not trust my cat with this doctor. It would not surprise me for example if he or she killed me by injecting me with insulin and then stole all my savings.

So what does a score of 0%, a score of 100% and everything in between actually mean.

It means different things to different people.

To some, a score of 0 may mean murderous tendencies.

Dr. Bacon.

This is a very stupid site.

And, Dr. Bacon.


The “Trust Scale” is not a harmless measure of “niceness”

It is much more sinsister than that!


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