Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 15, 2008

Data Protection and IWantGreatCare

A boy on a red bike has just delivered a telegram from The Parallel Universe.

It is from The Witch Doctor.

The Witch Doctor is not amused.

She cast a very potent intergalactic spell which has travelled a great distance to determine whether her professional name appears in IWantGreatCare.

It does.

She does not know why it does.

She does not believe that 360 Degree appraisal is anything other than a money making scam to massage the business community.

She does not and will not participate in 360 degree appraisal.


Therefore she has not and will not, under any circumstances, give permission for her name to appear on this site.

It is of particular interest to her that her name seems to have been one of the very few selected in her specialty or indeed from her part of the UK.

She wants to know why she has been selected when others have been omitted.

Perhaps it is because she heals sick fairies.

The Humankind may be unaware that fairies are not reliable.

You can never trust fairy feedback……

The Witch Doctor is a fully paid up member of the BMA.

She now wants the BMA to make a very public statement regarding the position of doctors who have had their names and place of work posted on IWantGreatCare without permission.

And then she will decide what she will do next.


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