Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 15, 2008

Furling IWantGreatCare

The Oldest Sage Witch behaved in an utterly distasteful voyeuristic manner late last night.

She scoured

The new site for voyeurs.

The Oldest Sage Witch found what she was looking for.

She could have FURLED the page but The Oldest Sage Witch has never learned to furl.

She could have downloaded the page using her computer’s software.

She could have done that.

But chose not to.

Instead she decided to check the site again in the morning.

The entry seems to have disappeared.

The Oldest Sage witch is very glad about that.

Because the entry could have been very damaging indeed to the doctor concerned.

It could have been very damaging indeed to the distressed relative who wrote the long entry.

However, the entry can no longer be seen.

Unless it has been furled.


Unless those involved with this site have removed the posting but kept it somewhere for purposes of their own.

Those involved with the site will know exactly which posting I’m referring to and will be wondering what to do if it has been furled.

Those involved with this site will be keeping their fingers crossed that the posting concerned has not been furled.

The Oldest Sage Witch will probably not visit again.

Now that she has proven to herself how potentially dangerous it could be not only for individual members of the medical profession but for vulnerable patients and their relatives too.

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