Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 18, 2008

Is Professor Chris Bulstrode a Woo-Woo Wibbler?

Orthopaedic surgeons are strong.

They wield hatchets and saws, albeit in a sterile environment.

They are the hard men of medicine.

The thugs.

All thugs – except the ones that do fiddly things with fingers and thumbs.

(Except you, Ferret. You know I don’t mean you!)

It’s not surprising, therefore, to hear an orthopedic surgeon say something out of turn that causes offence to their peers and fellow professionals.

They can’t help it.

Something like:

‘This website is a great idea and will put the cat among the pigeons with the medical profession, which is just what’s needed. Doctors will feel threatened, and rightly, as one or two will find their trousers round their ankles.’

Now, if you accept this analysis, you would not expect an orthopaedic surgeon to show much enthusiasm for Reiki, and aromatherapy and other magic things.

It doesn’t fit.

What a surprise, therefore, to find that Professor Chris Bulstrode was keen to offer his services as the GMC representative on the Education and Training Group of the Prince of Wales’s Foundation for Integrated Health.

A grumpy scientist, Dr Aust, has very definite views on woo and perhaps also Woo-Woo Wibblers?

“A third question is where and when these ideas came to be so linked with the notion that embracing Woo is “empowering”, and is a statement of one’s freedom from corporate consumerism – something that is manifestly untrue, since Woo is a multi-billion dollar business, and is increasingly of interest to large companies.”

Just thought I’d share my witching hour thoughts with you.

I don’t suppose you can work out where the map of my mind is taking me.

Since I’m not too sure myself……

Just random, disconnected, witching hour thoughts, I suppose.

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