Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 19, 2008

IWantGreatCare – Advertising and The Quiet Art

I’ve changed my mind.

The other day I decided I would not demean myself by entering the voyeuristic again.

However, in her telegram, The Witch Doctor added a PS. She wanted me to keep an eye on her entry while she is in The Parallel Universe. She is concerned that if anyone says good things about her, The Waiting List to see her will become longer and longer and she will have to see patients and fairies in The Parallel Universe. She does not want to do this because it is a hostile place for The Humankind (fairies though, like witches, thrive in The Parallel Universe – so they’ll be OK).

Furthermore, generous comments will be viewed by The Witch Doctor as a form of advertising and she is not allowed to do this. (She follows the GWC guidelines rather that the GMC guidelines which suddenly changed for no apparent reason when the Job Share Pied Piper appeared on the scene.)

In fact, The Witch Doctor seems to recollect that many moons ago she took The Great Cratic Witching Oath in which she undertook, among other things, not to advertise her attributes.

She’s wondering whether from now on, she will have to be very rude to patients so they will give negative feedback in order to keep The Waiting List under control and to protect her a little from The Advertising Sin.

Of course, to date, no one has asked The Witch Doctor whether her name and place of work could be used on

It just happened.

Without permission.


Black Hubris!


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