Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 19, 2008

Try Googling “IWantGreatCare”

Try this:

Google “iwantgreatcare”

At the time of writing this (Saturday 19 July 2008 at 13.27pm BST) there is an entry at the top of page 3 relating to an individual doctor, an anaesthetist and ITU specialist. She has found her way on to Google via the website

No-one has commented.

I wonder if she knows this has happened.

Perhaps she herself was just checking up on to see if her name and reputation had been captured by Iwantgreatcare and google has picked up the hit.

Who knows….

So, soon you will be able to find a lead to information about individual doctors on iwantgreacare just by Googling.

I wonder what Google thinks about this.

Particularly if the search engines pick up a defamatory phrase about a particular named doctor who has not given permission for his/her name to appear on IWantGreatCare.

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