Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 20, 2008

Iwantgreatcare – funny happenings

While Dr Bloggs is looking for a cyberladder, Mr Cloggs, a surgeon seems be hunting for one also.

He is currently running at 0% – worse than Dr Bloggs at 1%.

Wait a minute!

There’s something funny going on here…….

Yesterday a patient gave him negative feedback.

Today it says “Added by Mr Cloggs”

Is Mr Cloggs giving himself negative feedback?

Or, is he participating in A Waiting List Initiative?

Or like The Witch Doctor, did he take The Great Cratic Witching Oath which does not allow advertising?

The Oldest Sage Witch is getting very confused.

I wish The Witch Doctor would come back home!


  1. […] Mr Cloggs, the nom-de-plume surgeon, no longer features on the site. […]

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