Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 21, 2008

IWantGreatCare – an emergency!

Now, I know you will find this hard to believe, and I do too.

My computer is ZAPPED!


I think its the former, but am keeping an open mind about the latter!

Gradually, over the past 24 hours or so, it would not allow me to type properly. It developed a will of its own, transferring letters and spaces to the middle of words and spontaneously highlighting things and deleting them for me.

At first I thought my rage regarding was enabling me to type faster that the computer’s (and my) capabilities.

But no!

Now I can’t type anything at all using any application!

I shut it down to see if that would help and It won’t let me type my password to get back in – although it did earlier.

It could be a wicked spell or it could be a faulty mouse or something much worse.

It doesn’t seem like a faulty mouse. I have never had a mouse behave like this before!

It’s more like a Horrible Scraggy Willful Rat from the sewer!

And of course The Black Cat is in The Parallel Universe – light-years away from here!

So there’s no-one here to catch rats any more! Not till 31 October!

If anyone knows of a CYBER-ORGANISM causing a problem like this, please let me know.

Mac’s, however, tend not to be so prone to viruses as PC’s.

Yes, we witches have been using Mac’s since the day they were born – (are you listening, Steve Jobs? I’m marketing you for free!)

Now I have a major problem. You see, just like The Witch Doctor, and Her Black Cat, no-one has the remotest suspicion who The Oldest Sage Witch is. It is therefore difficult to type this on someone else’s computer as I am doing right now. I cannot risk being caught!

If anyone finds out who I am it will freak them out!

What I am going to do is this.

I will return here when the coast is clear and say a bit more that has to be said and provide you with some important links.

Very important links!

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