Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 24, 2008

IWantGreatCare – Tae see oorsels as ithers see us

IWantGreatCare is serving a very useful purpose.

Those lacking insight will take it at face value. They will think it is to do with patients and doctors. In this regard, it serves no useful purpose.

Those with insight will see it has damned all to do with patients and doctors. They will see it as a strong message regarding the downhill path being taken by individuals in positions of power and the possible effects this may have on society.

And that is useful insight to have.

Dr Liz Miller is thoughtful about these matters.


“There is of course a serious side to this debate. 360 feedback has become part of medical appraisal. More often than not a reference tells you more about the person who writes it than the person it is written about. Equally, 360 feedback tells you more about the department where the person works, than the individual in question.”

“Of course, bullying and harassment do not amount to genocide, but they come from the same stable. It is an area where we would do well to have a zero tolerance zone.”


Consider this:

Do you, or do you not have insight into what is happening to this nation?





  1. Witchy

    Just dropped by to say, you are doing a great job. I see Liam is up there on JD’s website with his latest date.

    Focalspot isn’t awake yet but hopefully we can all get some backup from Dr X.

    Has Black Cat decided to come on a date with me or is Witchy still refusing this :). Still waiting for my Hawaiian broomstick view.


  2. Hello Rita,

    Thanks for the visit.

    Unfortunately I’m at my wits end with computers just now (see tonights post) so will need to take some gardening leave till I get it fixed.

    The Black Cat is also very tied up with some feline life events in the Parallel Universe but no doubt will get in touch with you when she returns. (If Liam hasn’t carried you away to Never Never Land by then!)

    Keep going from strength to strength.

    Back soon.

  3. i dont see the problem .
    of course patients have a right to free healthcare , great free healthcare no less.

    after all , in addition to job seekers , incapacity , income support , free housing , free education from the tax of the working doctors , its only natural to expect nothing but the best from the evil doctors , despite the effort of the benevolent government , who have done nothing but stuff doctors mouths with gold , help i am choking on my gold . better get back to work . no rest for the wicked .
    never give a sucker an even break ,and all that .
    ( doctor / martyr / masochist ) .

  4. WD

    I am really sorry about the problems you have had. You need to get firewall etc etc. During the era of PM – all my email accounts went out. Hope you get it fixed as we will all miss you!

    Liam – ignores my existence :)> Fear of the truth or my wonderbra!

    If you need anything – email us – webby is always around although he knows nothing about Macs.


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