Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 28, 2008

Re-branding the NHS

Computer still ill. However I quickly need to say this!

The government has pressed the Panic Button.

The “Fast Forward Button” and the “Panic Button” are one and the same.

There is much to be done before the next general election which the present government know they are unlikely to win.

Glasgow voters have rubbed salt into an already gaping wound.

The NHS must be firmly bedded in to the “Western World of Big Business” before the present government takes its leave.

The WWBB will piggy-back on the NHS to make profits. The profits will rattle in the WWBB piggy-bank. Huge profits. Taxpayers money will flow through a leaky hose and only a small amount will be available to water the flowers at the bottom of the garden. The remainder will be used to attract shareholders and boost the western economy (ie the economy of rest of Europe and North America as well as the UK)

Politics nowadays is about “back-scatching” and about boosting the economy.

Voters, boosting the economy can only be good for you!

Patients, boosting the economy can only be good for you!

True.  But turning patients themselves into a commodity and using them to boost the economy is a very high risk strategy.

It is such a high risk strategy, that the NHS could evaporate.

Take the latest expensive whim – “RE-BRANDNG THE NHS.”

“This is the year of taking clear decisions around the NHS brand and we are looking at its naming architecture,” she says, in typical jargon-speak.” 

Do you remember “Boots the Chemist.”

It is no longer “Boots the Chemist.”

It has been re-branded.

A small part of the re-branding is said to have cost £65m.

Compared to “Boots the Chemist,” the NHS is a goliath.

How much of taxpayers money intended for patient care will leak out the hose into the piggy-banks of The Re-branders?

Why does the NHS need to be re-branded anyway?

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