Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 29, 2008

Dyslexia or MTAS lateral thinking?

A dyslexic medical student is to take legal action against the GMC because she believes multiple choice exams discriminate against students with this disorder.


This case is worth watching because if won, it could set an interesting precedent for all exams.

Multiple choice questions are answered marked by a computer. If you want to cut costs regarding university staffing, multiple choice exams can help.

No multiple choice in medical student exams = more input of Lecturers / Senior Lectureres / Clinicians with honorary university contracts = more doctors.

Yes. More doctors to mark essays and perform one to one assessments.

Maybe MTAS has encouraged some lateral thinking.

Medical students and doctors, dyslexic or not, are a bright bunch!



    My response to this case.

  2. Thanks for visiting, samedifference1.

    Your post highlights some extremely valid points.

    No assessment technique is perfect for all and a blanket decision to ban all multiple choice exams almost implies a blanket decision to block all other types of exams also!

    In fact, no assessment technique is perfect for anyone!

    This legal case is a can of worms!

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