Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 29, 2008

IWantGreatCare is doing my head in!


Look here!

The Oldest Sage Witch is a caretaker – A Locum Witch – A Skivvy!

An aging witch with many illnesses.

A patient of many doctors.

I am NOT here to blog on behalf of patients like me!

I’m here to clean up The Witch Doctor’s Hovel.

And what a hovel it is too!

I am supposed to be tidying The Spell Pantry and organising “The Witch Doctor’s Offering” for The Witch Doctor and Her Black Cat’s return on Halloween.

And then, out of he blue, the ridiculous yet pernicious appeared.

Just like that!

Pernicious for doctors.

Pernicious for patients like me.

Do patients like me know about libel and defamation law?

Do they?

Now, The Oldest Sage Witch can’t help becoming interested in the psychology of these Crazy Inventions of The Human Kind, the psychology of those who set them up, and of those who use them. This has resulted in me browsing around this and some similar sites.

Today, using a bit of information I already know about an individual, I made a very interesting discovery which illustrates how ridiculous these sites are.

Unfortunately, I’m finding it difficult to write about because what I discovered is of a very sensitive nature.

I don’t want to upset anyone who is vulnerable.

I’ll think about it over the next few days while I clear up the squalor in the The Spell Pantry and try to get The Witch Doctor’s computer and iPhone back on the road again for her return.

I might find a way to illustrate the point about these facile sites without being too explicit.

On the other hand, I might not.

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