Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 31, 2008

Dr Neil Bacon and others….

Some more help increasing the “BRAND AWARENESS”

If you have a LOT of spare time, you can listen to a chat show on WHAT MAKES A GOOD DOCTOR? There is some input from Dr Neil Bacon on his future plans for

Dr Sarah Jarvis: RCGP
Dr Jonty Heaversedge: GP
Joyce Robins: Patient Concern
Dr Neil Bacon: Creator of
Professor Parveen Kumar


Everyone is being very nice to each other.

I have no explanation for this, but “niceness” often gets under my skin.

It has always been so.

It is probably due to my roots and upbringing.


  1. Hey WD

    Hope all is well over with you. Some nice posts here. Sorry I have been otherwise distracted with material!
    Trust your apples are in working order :).

    I see life for Dr Dipstick is peachy. Well, what else can we expect. Sold his soul to the dark side of the force no doubt. You know in his days before he started DNUK – he was once a decent guy. How times change eh.

    I haven’t listened to Radio 4. That is because I tend to fall asleep when it is on. I am more of a Radio 1 kind of gal.

    Now that Liam has decided not to go on a date with me [ thankgod], is your cat going to come over to the UK just for one day :). I cook well :).


  2. Good to see you pass by Rita,

    Via the boy on the red bike, I have sent a telegram to The Witch Doctor in The Parallel Universe.

    She has replied saying she is very excited that you have written to the Health Select Committee on Patient Safety.

    She knows that your comments will be read by Sir Liam and then the earth will move.

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