Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 31, 2008

IWantGreatCare – more witches recruited

The Oldest Sage Witch has not been commenting too much on IWantGreatCate for a few days, however, quietly, in the background, more witches have been recruited to study the antics of this facile website.

They are still watching the games of Snakes and Ladders as they occur.

The Young Anorak Witches are furling relentlessly.

The Ancient Passed-Their-Sell-By-Date Witches that have been put out to grass have been plucked back and are doing some primitive statistics and doubtless will report back in due course.

And The Witch Doctor is still waiting in The Parallel Universe for the BMA to make a clear and decisive statement about the fact that doctors names have been used without consent and other legal matters that may arise from this site.

Witches cauldrons don’t go off the boil on matters such as this – they just simmer for a while, but the temperature is maintained.

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