Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 31, 2008

IWantGreatCare – Prove this is not a big whopper?

Before the Oldest Sage Witch blogged about IWantGreatCare, she gave the matter due thought.

After all, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

Why should the witching community give free marketing to this site?

Indeed Wessex LMC suggests it might be best to ignore Dr Neil Bacon’s creation.

“We have significant concerns about this site but do not believe there is much that we can do at present.

Presumably its funding and viability will depend on number of visitors to the site.

The Owner of Ryan Air has found that every time they get headlines, good or bad, sales go up. There is no such thing therefore as bad publicity. One strategy may will be to completely ignore the site.”

However, after due consideration, the Oldest Sage Witch decided that she would do a little to increase “brand awareness” of this website which she considered to be voyeuristic, unprofessional, ill-conceived and fundamentally wrong. Wrong for patients and wrong for doctors.

So why aid “Brand Awareness”?

Because, by ensuring everyone knows of its existence, in time the true “wisdom of the crowd” will prevail, and IWantGreatCare will eventually succumb to that wisdom.

And, in the fullness of time, it will.

And for this reason, the witching community will persevere helping your “brand awareness”, Dr Bacon.

Now read this:

“A spokesperson for said: ‘We are delighted to see such high awareness of the site, and also note the thousands of doctors who have gone to the site and uploaded their details in the last few weeks.’

Now, Mr Bacon, we witches have been keeping a close eye on this website and we find it hard to believe that thousands of doctors have voluntarily placed their names on this site.

You may be right, of course.

We witches can occasionally be wrong.

I hope you are not telling a great big whopper!!!

After all, if thousands of doctors are placing their names on this website voluntarily, then why did you feel the need to place The Witch Doctor’s name on the site without her consent?


Was it to help make you some money to put in your your piggy-bank by piggy-backing on the Witch Doctor’s name? And the names of thousands of other doctors who did not give their consent?

Should any money that goes in your piggy-bank from this Web Contraption be shared among all the doctors whose name you have used without consent?

A kind of dividend…..



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