Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 4, 2008

CPD and The Oldest Sage Witch

The Oldest Sage Witch has become a bit fascinated by the HEALTH MAP website discovered today.

There is a report on Marburg in the Netherlands – the first time this virus has been seen in Europe for 40 years.


I think I’m going to be looking at this site a lot. For some reason it fascinates. A bit like Google Earth.

If this bores you, then read it anyway and put it into a special CPD folder (black with a big orange pumpkin on the front) under the heading ‘CPD POINTS APPROVED BY THE WITCHING COMMUNITY’

It’s sure to help with your revalidation when the time comes.

And raise a few eyebrows……

Actually, what if every doctor in the land had an appraisal folder labelled ““CPD POINTS APPROVED BY THE WITCHING COMMUNITY?”

That would freak out The Revalidators……

The Chosen Ones……

The Chosen Ones “decreed from on high” to be more respected, more professional, more honoured, more obedient than everyone else…..

The Chosen Ones who will be rewarded before they reach heaven.

(Sorry, the Oldest Sage Witch is getting carried away – as one does at my age!)

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