Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 4, 2008

“The Disappearing Doctors”

A good article but needs Medscape access:


“In evaluating their training programs, residents often ask for increased autonomy. They realize that in the future they’ll be solely responsible for the care of their patients, and they worry that without a certain amount of autonomy during their training, they won’t be adequately prepared for independent decision making. Yet with their current here-today-and-gone-tomorrow schedules, they can’t be given increased autonomy—they won’t be around for the next step or haven’t been around for the last step. They don’t have the big picture.

The children’s hospital where I work contains what I consider the world’s most precious treasure: children who are the future of our society. The other great treasure in my hospital is the young physicians of tomorrow who will carry forward our medical values, traditions, and practices. The reason that the doctors at my children’s hospital are disappearing or aren’t there when they’re needed is, simply, inadequate resources to compensate for the restrictions of the new work rules and the resulting workforce reduction.”

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