Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 5, 2008

MTAS/MMC – butterflies and witches (3)

If you come from the epi-centre of IWantGreatCare, or Cambridge or Holland, you will see bicycles with baskets everywhere around you.

You might even be aware of the kind of things that get dumped in these baskets.

Well, Broomstick Baskets are much the same. They accumulate a lot of junk and sometimes get quite heavy. This can be dangerous, of course, because they can make a high flying broomstick wobble and set a witch completely off course.

So, sensible witches have to maintain their broomstick baskets. But there are not many sensible witches. Most of us are untidy hoarders and we fly around with heavy clutter in our baskets. Sometimes our baskets overflow and we lose things.

Sometimes this happens in mid air.

If you ever feel a thump on on the head when you are outside during the witching hour, it will probably be something that has fallen from an untidy witch’s basket. You won’t see anything though. Any object that has been in a witch’s possession remains invisible for seven days and seven nights. Then, after that time, during the witching hour, the lost object suddenly becomes visible again.

So, if you go back to the same place a week later, you will be able to find out what hit you.

Anyway, early in 2007, the third butterfly flew by when The Oldest Sage Witch cleaned out her broomstick basket and found the forgotten newspaper clipping by someone called “Crippen.”

This time she read it.





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