Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 7, 2008

A guddle of guidelines

Dr Rich on The Covert Rationing Blog has much to say on the matter of guidelines.

Basically, he doesn’t seem to like them.

“Nonetheless, the notion that the practice of medicine can be completely reduced to sets of guidelines (a notion vitally attractive to insurance companies and government bureaucrats), now has been broadcast with great fanfare across the land. It is through guidelines that we will finally homogenize healthcare, and establish the tools by which clinical excellence can be tabulated and costs can be controlled. So, as a consequence of this generally agreed-upon fiction, swarms of guidelines are now flying out of the medical establishment like bats out of a cave. We can expect many of these guidelines to be created not because clinical science warrants them, but instead to covertly ration care, to protect professional turf, or to aggressively extend one’s interests onto entirely new turf.”

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