Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 9, 2008

Reading between the lines


Simile is acceptable.

Sarcasm not so.

It is said sarcasm is the “lowest form of wit.”

Often, when bloggers blog, they are not trying to be witty.

The blogging platform is often used to get an important message out to a wide community.

Sarcasm might then be a useful tool.

Can subtle sarcasm be used as a protection against defamation?

By putting the onus on the reader to detect the true meaning?

Could sarcasm be “the highest form of blogging?

Or is simile better?

Or is there another figure of speech that might be better still?

Should there be a new language for bloggers that circumvents possible defamation?

Sorry, this is just an ancient witch’s rambling thoughts………..

Just a rubbish post.



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