Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 10, 2008

Define yourself

The Witch Doctor has a great love of quotations and, when she started this blog, put up a fresh quotation every day. But I think she ran out of steam.

It’s a pity since she thinks that the wonderful things people have said can be as powerful as a spell.

I do too.

I’m sure she won’t mind if I use this kind of magic now and again till she comes back. Maybe I’ll just recycle some of the ones she has already used.

So on the days there is a quotation spell, it means I’m doing other things like cleaning up The Spell Pantry or updating The Witch Doctor’s Offering, which is, after all, what I’m supposed to be doing while The Witch Doctor is away! (She did warn me, though, that it would be very difficult to stay focused on the job with so much political crap of a medical nature going on the background just now!)

The magic of the things people say came into mind today while reading The Jobbing Doctor.

He has a quotation there by the industrialist, Harvey Firestone.

It is a very apt quotation for all doctors in the current climate.

And ultimately, no-one else can properly define the role of a doctor in all possible subtle shades other than the individual doctor himself or herself.

Until, of course, doctors become nice test tube clones spawning form The Great Government Laboratory.

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